WB Games Montreal Rumored To Launch DC Universe Games Next Year

Although the British video game developer – Rocksteady – recently revealed that they would not be creating any Superman video game, it has since been authenticated that Warner Bros. Montreal will be creating DC universe titles.

According to the LinkedIn profile page of an employee working at Warner Bros. Montreal, information regarding the launch of DC games may have been hinted.


On ResetEra, a person with the handle “est1992” pored through the LinkedIn pages of people working with WB Games Montreal. During the examination, the person found that the 3D animator employee had listed an unusual titled dubbed “Project 2019” in their job description.

Even though it is not yet verified whether WB Games Montreal will be rolling out the DC Universe game in the year 2019, it does indicate at doing something similar. Still, we will have to presume that the pattern of the game’s progress keeps on modifying, and the respective 3D animator joined the WB Montreal merely a year ago.

Sefton Hill posted on Twitter that Rocksteady shall not be going to the Games Awards this year. He further added that they are not working on Superman, at the moment. Given that Rocksteady has ended Batman game series with Arkham Knight, people are left to wonder the possible games Rocksteady might be developing.

WB Montreal created the title Batman: Arkham Originals amongst others. Kotaku’s Jason Schreier uncovered that Warner Bros. Montreal is creating two games, one of which has been cancelled. The cancelled game is Suicide Squad. Owing to the bad reception of the movie and the incompetence to assuage the WB execs, the title was cancelled. The other game rumoured to be in development currently is a new Batman game featuring Bruce Wayne’s love-child Damian Wayne.

Rocksteady Studio hasn’t created any DC universe game in ages, and their place in the Project 2019 is still up to question.

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